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Leatherhead Golf Club


Leatherhead Golf Club had two very old gas powered hot water cylinders, that dated back to the 1980’s. One was already disconnected, due to it being full of the lime scale and leaking. The second one had very similar issues. It was half full of lime scale and was causing the golf club to have inconsistent hot water for their customers and staff. One of the main challenges was the location of the boiler room, to gain entry we needed to go through a small hatch on the first flow. It was the only way in and out.


To enable us to take the old hot water cylinders out and install the new ones, we had to gain access from the outside of the club, trying not to disrupt the customers in the process during our works. The two new updated gas powered hot water cylinders needed to be hoisted up and carefully placed into the boiler room on the first floor. By the end of the first morning we had number one cylinder in and working. This gave the golf club enough hot water to function and stay open. By the end of day two, the second cylinder was in and working. Day three was just about checking and ensuring everything was running smoothly.


Our golf club is a very busy place, so ensuring we have reliable hot water is a must. Shaun and his team were able to deliver a new system in a very short space of time. The team were efficient in delivering the objective and we are very pleased with the results. We now use Shaun Overy Services for all our heating & plumbing needs.

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